Tetrahedron (s): A B-C D-M N-Z

General: (4-Vertexion)

Buckminster Fuller [Potter] p 134 Index/Allspace-Filling with Tetrahedra

"   (Tetra-Vertexion)

Buckminster Fuller: At Home in the Universe p 153

Index/Domain of Tetrahedron

" Buckminster Fuller's Universe pp 299-300 Index/Angular Name of the Tetrahedron
" Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller pp 16, 49, 57, 64-5, 98, 105, 107-9, 113, 115-6, 118-9,
" " 125, 145, 150, 173, 243, 276-7, 297, 315
" Cosmography pp 41, 45-47; figs 42-43, 48 Index/Couplings
" Fuller's Earth figs 60, 63 Index/Antitetrahedron Index/Cone
" Humans in Universe pp 36, 62, 67, 72, 82 Index/Gravity
" New Views on R Buckminster Fuller pp 63-4, 90, 115, 203 note 14 Index/Kite
" R Buckminster Fuller pp 30-31, 115; figs 36-8 Index/Maps
" Synergetics 1 sect 108.02 Index/Axis of Spin: Tetrahedron
" The Buckminster Fuller Reader p 94 Index/Balls Coming Together
" The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller pp 42-43 Index/Cheese Tetrahedron
" Wizard of the Dome pp 113, 115-19, 121-26, 170, 183 Index/Knot
" Your Private Sky R Bucky Fuller, Discourse pp 9, 14, 23, 26ff, 36f, 54, 166, 172, 185,
" " 195ff, 234f, 238, 265, 294, 298ff, 309 Index/Mite


The Buckminster Fuller Reader p 369 Index/Dihedral Angles of Tetra


Synergetics Dictionary Volume 4 pp 171-81 Index/Geometry of Thinking
Index/Energy Event Index/Association & Disassociation Index/Irrelevancy Tetrahedron
Index/Embracement Index/Convex & Concave Tetrahedron Index/Zero Tetrahedron Index/Plane
Index/Microsystems Index/Conceptuality as Polyhedral Index/Four Stars Index/Push-Pull
Index/Minimum Set Index/Concentric Hierarchy Limits Index/Linear Tetrahedron Index/Pyramid
Index/Metaphysical Index/Generalization & Special Case Index/Tetrascroll Index/Quantum
Index/Pauling, Linus Index/Human Beings & Complex Universe Index/Spherical Tetra Index/Rigidity
Index/Regular Tetra Index/Mite: Minimum Tetrahedron Index/Push-Pull Members Index/Nucleus
Index/Subtetrahedra Index/Number: Cosmically Absolute Index/Jet Stilting Index/Structure
Index/Semisymmetry Index/Number: Tetrahedral Number Index/Limit Point Index/Sphere
Index/Basic Event Index/Norm: Tetrahedron as Norm Index/Truncated Tetrahedra
Index/Tetratuning Index/Inside-Outing Tetrahedron Index/Minimum Polyhedron
Index/System Totality Index/Point Equals Eight Tetrahedra Index/Exchange Agent of Universe
Index/Star Events Index/Minimum Tetrahedron Index/Point: Outbound Point
Index/Synergetics Index/Quantum: Event-Paired Quanta Index/Holding Patterns of Energy
Index/Tetra-Void Index/Powering: Sixth Powering Index/Scheme of Reference
Index/Synergy Index/System: Systems: Systems Geometry Index/Tetrahelix
Index/Tetra-Vertex Index/Six-Ridge Tetrahedral Globe Index/Syte: Symmetrical Tetrahedron
Index/Tetrasystem Index/Tensegrity: Stability Requires Six Struts Index/Invisible Tetrahedron
Index/Unity as Two Index/Zero Volume Tetrahedron Index/Truncated Tetrahedron
Index/Allspace-Filling with Octahedron & Tetra Index/Anti-Tetrahedron Index/Strut
Index/Bounce Patterns of Energy Index/Allspace-Filling Index/Syte
Index/Central Angles & Surface Angles Index/Cosmic Limit Point Index/Sphinx
Index/Children as Only Pure Scientists Index/Cosmic Hierarchy Index/Me Ball
Index/Cheese Tetrahedron: Coordinate Symmetry Index/Convex-Concave Tetrahedron Index/Lever
Index/Domain of Tetrahedron Index/Cube: Two Tetrahedra as Cube Index/Star Tetra
Index/Exchange Agent of Universe Index/Empty Set Tetrahedron Index/Neuron
Index/Half-Tetrahedron Index/Empty Tetrahedron Index/Triangle
Index/Interconnection of Any Four Points in Universe Index/Fourth Dimension Index/Walking
Index/Interconnection of any Two Points in Universe Index/Irrelevancies: Dismissal of
Index/Icosahedron in Tetrahedron Index/Isotropic Vector Matrix
Index/Leak in Tetrahedron Corners Index/Ideal Tetrahedron
Index/Topology: Synergetics & Eulerean Index/Inside-Outing Tetrahedron
Index/Minimum Set = Crystal = Tetrahedron Index/Minimum System
Index/Minimum Omnitriangulated Differentiator of Universe Index/Minimum Something
Index/Nature's Geometry Index/Minimum System: Minimum Structural System
Index/Octahedron & Tetrahedron Index/Spherical Convex-Arc-Edge Tetrahedra
Index/Primitive Tetrahedron Index/Omnitetrahedral
Index/Physics: Difference between Physics & Chemistry Index/Quanta Loss by Congruence
Index/Polarity of Tetrahedron Index/Regular Tetrahedron
Index/Physical Tetrahedron vs Conceptual Tetrahedron Index/Interconnection of any Two Lines in Universe
Index/Physics as Internal Affairs of the Atom Index/System Constants
Index/Quarter Tetrahedron Index/Spherical Tetrahedron
Index/Spherical Triangle Index/System & Structure
Index/Structural System Index/Social Problems: Tetrahedral Coordination of
Index/Starting with Tetrahedron Index/System Enclosure
Index/Subdivision of Tetrahedral Unity Index/Unity: Principle of
Index/Three Petal Flower Index/Universe Differentiator
Index/Thinkable System Takeout Index/Metaphysical & Physical Tetrahedral Quanta
Index/Vector Equilibrium: Zero Tetrahedron Index/Zerovolume Tetrahedron
Index/Fourth Dimension: Regular Tetra as Fourth Dimension Model Index/Negative Tetrahedron
Index/Observer & Otherness: Tetrahedral Relationship Between Index/Redundancy: Reduction of
Index/Prime Number Consequences of Spin-Halving of Tetrahedra Index/Minimum Sphere
And B Modules Synergetics 1 sects 921.01-15
Network Synergetics 2 sect 201.11

Of Asymmetry

" sect 100.323
Filling Synergetics 1 sects 951.0-54.10, 961.00-03, table 955.40
General Selected Ideas


The Universe Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe pp xii, 17
Vector Equilibrium Synergetics 1 sect 445.14
General Synergetics 1 sect 515.11
Topology of Cosmography fig 198


Synergetics 1 sects 224.01-60
-Tetrahedron Synergetics 1 sects 630.0-39.02
General Synergetics 1 sect 527.31
Conceptual Model: Definitions Synergetics Dictionary Volume 4 p 181 Index/Cognition
Conservation, Annihilation Model Cosmography p 244


Fuller's Earth p 91


" p 72

Lowest Common Denominator of Nature   

The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller pp 44-5
Microsystem: Definition Synergetics Dictionary Volume 4 p 188

Minimum: Sphere

Synergetics 2 sect 986.730

 Structural System of Universe

Cosmography pp 41, 45, 47, 50, 126, 131, 135-6, 138,


" 169, 191, 228, figs 126, 134, 201, 216
" Critical Path p 240

System of Universe:   

" p 7, fig 8


Synergetics Dictionary Volume 4 p 188 Index/Cyclic Unity
Index/Convex & Concave Tetrahedra Index/Universe Index/Unit Radius

Most Surface with Least Volume

Critical Path p 333
Prime Nonnucleated Structural System

Index/VE as Prime Nucleated System


Primitively Central to Life: Definition Synergetics Dictionary Volume 4 p 190
Index/Minimum Awareness Model Index/Minimum Four Awareness Aspects of Life
Index/Self & Otherness: Four Minimal Aspects Index/Fourth Quantum

Product of 6 Vectors

Synergetics 2 sect 987.031


Fuller's Earth p 91


Synergetics 1 sect 402.01-2, 411.08, 415.03
" " chart 415.03, fig 411.05 D

Volumetric Quantum

Index/System Totality

Accommodation Synergetics 2 sect 421.21

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