Sense: Senses

General: Your Private Sky R Buckminster Fuller, Discourse pp 7-17, 23ff, 32ff, 45ff, 56, 59f, 68, 83, 103, 106f,


" 109f, 113ff, 121, 127, 139, 145, 148ff, 157, 162,


" 231ff, 271ff, 279, 282, 285, 290, 296, 298ff


Synergetics Dictionary Volume 3 p 601
Index/Aural Index/Directional Sense Index/Abstract vs Sensorial Index/Apprehension
Index/Form Index/Form Equals Sensoriality Index/Electromagnetic Spectrum
Index/Tactile Index/Integral Functions of Man Index/Brain & Mind Index/Disconnect
Index/Taste Index/Sensorial & Nonsensorial Index/Extrasensoriality Index/Experience
Index/Architectural Aesthetics: Six S's Index/Invisible Motion Index/Hearing
Index/Satellite: World Satellite Sensing Index/Angular Sense Index/Halo Concept
Index/Communications Hierarchy Index/Inventory of Sensations

Index/Common Sense: Perceptual Peephole

Index/Dynamic vs Static
Index/Non-Sensoriality: Infra & Supra Index/Olfactoral Sense
Index/Local Information-Sensing Devices Index/Spherical Sensation Index/Sweepout
Index/Optical Tuning & Scanning Index/Common Sense Index/Smellable
Index/Human Sense Ranging & Information Gathering Index/Seeing: Seeability Index/Tunability
Index/Sight: No Man Has Ever Seen Outside of Himself Index/Pattern Sense Index/Visual
Of the Infant Synergetics 1 sects 801.02-24


Synergetics 2 sect 265.06
Index/Scenario of the Child Index/Naive Perception of Childhood

Index/Dollar Bills: $200 Billion One-Dollar Bills Circling around Earth

Pirates Relying on Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth p 30 (1969 ed); p 43 (2008 edition)
General Synergetics Dictionary Volume 3 p 605
Index/Angularly Hinged Convergence Index/Contact Coincidence Index/Attraction Link-Up Index/Bounce-Impel
Index/Corkscrew Spiral Traceries Index/Girth-Tensed Bonds Index/Corner-Converge Index/Cleave-Roll
Index/Critical Proximity Co-Orbiting Index/Invisible Trampoline Index/Glimpse-Discover Index/Force-Fluids
Index/Coalescing Adherence Index/Instrumental Hook-Up Index/Impact Extrusion Index/Gear-Locked
Index/Distortion Massaged to the Center Index/Interface Couplings Index/Kiss: Locked Kiss Index/Internestability
Index/Democratically Coagulating Index/Jet Stilts: Jet-Stilting Index/Ovational Gearing Index/Indrinking
Index/Fibrous Crystalline Units Index/Off-Molded Offspring Index/Perimeter Tangent Index/Reach-Miles
Index/Fit: Pressured or Tensed Fit Index/Push-Pull Members Index/Smell-Discover Index/Shuttle-Woven
Index/Holding Patterns of Energy Index/Precessional Peel-Off Index/Severance-Tracing Index/Swivel-Moored
Index/Intergeared Mobility Freedoms Index/Tangential Avoidance Index/Self-Scavenging Index/Stretch-Press
Index/Omniembracing Squeeze Index/Tastebuds of Sound Index/Scratch-Chorded Index/Twist-Pass
Index/Pumping Fraction Factors Index/Unwrap the Orbitals Index/Spin-Halving Index/Touch-Feel
Index/Tepee: Half-Spin Tepee Twist Index/Unbandage the Sphere Index/Torque Momentum Index/Twist-Sprung
Index/Unpeel the Gravitationals Index/Vectorial Near-Miss Index/Visual Symphony Index/Tendril Curve
Index/Vacuum-Fulcrumed Oars Index/Critical Convergence & Flying Huddle Index/Thrust-Throw
Index/Variable Strands Braiding Index/Omnitriangularly Oriented Evolution Index/Wrapability
Index/Vertex-Vortex Rotations Index/Pattern Strip Aggregate Wrapabilities Index/Wedge-Spread

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