Real: Realm: Realms: Royal

Definitions Synergetics Dictionary Volume 3 pp 473, 479
Index/Religion: Related to "Reglio" or Rule Index/Vector Index/Ideal vs Real Index/Principle
Cost BuckyWorks p 226
General: And It Came to Pass--Not to Stay p 120


Critical Path p 89


Synergetics Dictionary Volume 3 p 473
Based on People "Staying Put" (Static) Education Automation p 23 (1971 ed); p 53 (2010 ed)
Development: Definition Synergetic Dictionary Volume 3 p 473
Index/New York City Index/Miniature Castle Building Index/Deed: Property Deed
Index/Land Exploitation Index/Whitehead's Dilemma Index/Houses & Infrastructure
Index/Transnational Capitalism & Export of Know-How Index/Building Business
Developers (Realtors)

Utopia or Oblivion

pp 174, 348, 361
Of Reality Index/Grand Central Station of Universe Index/Local Vector Equilibrium
Index/Railroad Tracks: Great Circle Energy Tracks on the Surface of a Sphere Index/Graphable
Universe Index/Graphable Index/Probability
Vs Surface Index/Black Holes & Synergetics
World: Definition Synergetics Dictionary Volume 3

p 480

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