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3,766,959 Pivoted Panel Connection and Hinge
3,889,433 Structural frame
3,908,975 Construction apparatus
3,955,329 Hollow structure
3,959,937 Modular dome structure
3,990,195 Hub for geodesic dome framework construction
4,009,543 Geodesic dome
4,027,449 System for constructing spatial structures
4,137,902 Energy concentrator system
4,187,613 Jig for precise measurement of panels for geodesic
4203265 Hub and strut system for geodesic domes
4233794 Adjustable connecting means for ceiling constructions and the like
4236473 Method of making metal beam for geodesic dome structure
4260276 Geodesic dome connector
4262461 "
4270320 Frameless substantially spherical building structure
4308698 Interconnecting members for enclosures
4319853 Geodesic dome structure tie-beam connector
4330969 Construction panel
4333446 Solar concentrator
4357118 Connecting assembly for geodesic dome framework construction
4361758 Sun position sensor for two axis tracking
4370073 Connector hub for geodesic dome structures
4379649 Connector system for geodesic dome struts
4395154 Geodesic dome connector
4446666 Tetrahedral truss
4449348 Composite static structure
4464073 Connectors for geodesic dome structures
4511278 Connector unit for geodesic dome frame strut
4514347 Spherical projection-type screen for use in a vehicle simulator
4521998 Universal hub for geodesic type structures
4531333 Helical dome
4534672 Hub for geodesic dome construction
4542759 Portable shelter
4566818 Ledger hanger for geodesic domes
4608789 Star dome structure
4611441 Geodesic dome
4612750 Pre-stressed truss-like beam with elements in buckled state
4625472 Geodesic dome prefabricated panels
4631867 Spherical projection-type screen for use in a vehicle simulator
4651478 Geodesic mold house
4660321 Climate control in building structures
4679361 Polyhedral structures that approximate a sphere
4711062 Octet structures using tension and compression
4722162 Orthogonal structures composed of multiple regular tetra lattice cells
4729197 Geodesic dome and method of making
4731962 Compression-tension strut-cord units for tensile-integrity structures
4736550 Interlocking tetrahedral building block and structural supporting system
4763902 Framework of rods configurable into a variety of shapes
4796394 Geodesic structure
4807405 Geodesic inflatable structure & methods of constructing & utilizing same
4825216 High efficiency optical limited scan antenna
4844649 Bracket assembly for geodesic dome
4864796 Variable polyhedral framework
4885878 Advanced state of the art movie theater
4901483 Spiral helix tensegrity dome
4907382 Geodesic dome panel assembly and method
4945693 Concentric dome energy generating building enclosure
5059972 Method for assembling elements to a radome
5070673 Tetrahexagonal truss structure
5072553 Shell structure for a cooling tower
5111631 Modular display construction system
5165207 Apparatus and method for forming a space frame structure
5171623 Drag reducing surface depressions
5205556 Geodesic globe puzzle
5230196 Polyhedron building system
5274980 Polyhedron building system having telescoping scissors
5305564 Hemispherical dome building structure
5325642 Geodesic hazardous waste containment building
5331779 Truss framing system for cluster multi-level housing
5355641 Triangulated cable dome with retractable roof
5411047 Modular structural elements
5430989 Construction system
5440840 Triangulated roof structure
5452555 Method + apparatus for assemble multiple wall segment into curved configurations
5484079 Hydropneumatic filament-wound pressure vessel
5524641 Protective body appliance employing geodesic dome structures
5526994 Filament-wound isotensoid pressure vessels having geodesic domes
5566516 Spherical grid
5580013 economic construct/assembly method: modular permanent orbit space station
5584330 Flexible partition
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Dome:    Geodesic

The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller figs 319-25


" figs 417-20
Dymaxion: Bathroom " figs 67-74

Car (Vehicle)

" figs 112-15

Deployment Unit (DDU)

" figs 148-60


" figs 239-42

Stockade Building System

" figs 12-16


R Buckminster 02-99 A List at Buckminster Fuller Institute Brooklyn NY USA
3,866,366 Detailed View 12-98 Non-Symmetrical Tension-Integrity Structures; IBM Patent Server San Jose " "
4,207,715 Detailed View 12-98 Tensegrity Module Structure & Method of Interconnecting the Modules " " "
4,377,114 Detailed View 12-98 Hanging Storage Shelf Unit; IBM Patent Server " " "
4,611,442 Detailed View 12-98 Large Span Dome; IBM Patent Server " " "
4,833,843 Detailed View 12-98 Vaulted Dome Structure; IBM Patent Server " " "
Buckminister Fuller 12-98 The "Fuller Punch" ?!; Jefferson School Museum Carbondale IL "
The Patents & Designs Journal The Patent Office (British) London England
R Buckminster Fuller Critical Path 146-50
Of R Buckminster Fuller Critical Path pp 146-9 (especially paragraph 5 on p 149)


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Patent Services 12-98 Shadow Patent Office, Electronic Data Systems Corp. city? ?? "
Internet Patent Search System 12-98 Source Translation & Optimization Belmont MA "
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