Irrelevances: Irrelevancies: Irrelevancy

General: No More Secondhand God pp 121-22
               Definition Synergetics Dictionary Volume 2 p 426
Index/Pronouns: I Equals We Equals Us Index/Thinkable System Takeout
Index/Seven Minimum Topological Aspects Index/Geodesics vs Irrelevance
Index/Stark Nonconceptual Irrelevancy Index/Epistemological Stepping Stones Index/Relevant

Of: Synergetics 1 sects 228.10, 400.02, 400.06, 501.11, 509.06-31, 522.33-36,


535.05-07, 537.31, 620.01, 1053.30; fig 509.01
" Synergetics 2 sects 228.12, 526.17, 526.19
" The American Scholar (Spring 1966 magazine) p 208


Synergetics Dictionary Volume 2 pp 426-7
Index/Order Index/Environment Controls Index/Thinking Index/Program Index/Considered Set
Index/Grass: Putting Aside the Grasses Index/Parameters Index/Twilight Zone (s)
Index/Pattern Index/General Systems Theory Index/Bit: Bitting Index/Considerable Set
Index/Stark Index/Parting the Strands Index/Tetrahedron Index/Relevant Index/Thinkability
Index/Tuning Equals Dismissal of Irrelevancies Index/Consideration Index/Quarry: Quarrying
Index/Generalized Dichotomy: Grand Strategy Index/Relevant Set Index/Variables: Theory of
Index/Swimmer: I Am a Swimmer Index/Common Sense: Perceptual Peephole
Index/Intellect Index/Tuning-In & Tuning Out Index/Bits: Bitting: Reduction by Bits
Preoccupation with I Seem to Be a Verb

p 77-A

General Synergetics 1 sect 501.11 Index/Thinkable System Takeout

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