Infinite: Infinity

General: A Fuller Explanation p 23


Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller pp 34-6, 76, 105, 132, 303, 309


Geodesic Domes p 4
" Synergetics 1 sects 502.31, 645.11-2, 705.03-6, 780.14, 784.40,
" " 923.21, 1001.15, 1009.53,
" " 1107.31; fig 923.10B caption
" Synergetics 2 sects 262.01, 268.04, 987.062,
" " 1033.104, table 1033.20
" Utopia or Oblivion p 312


Synergetics Dictionary Volume 2 pp 318-19
Index/Coil Index/Bias on One Side of the Line Index/Whole Systems Index/Open Systems
Index/Discrete Index/Nondefinable Does Not Equal Infinite Index/Eternally Unlimited Index/Octet Truss
Index/Plurality Index/Insideness & Outsideness Index/Allspace Filling Index/Straight Line
Index/Inside Index/Nothingness of Universe Index/Inconceivability Index/Local Infinity
Index/Intellect Index/Endless Does Not Equal Infinite Index/Limitless: Nonlimit Index/Microsystems
Index/Limitless Index/Metaphysical & Physical Index/Navy: Theory of Index/Interminable
Index/Endless Index/Minimum Limit vs Infinite Series Index/Universally Extensive
Index/Finite Index/Pollution: Infinite Room to Pollute Index/Angular Sinus Takeout
Index/Universally Extensive Does Not Equal Infinity Index/Finity and Infinity
Index/Nonlimit Index/Inconceivable Does Not Equal Infinite Index/XYZ Coordinate System

And Finity: Definitions

Synergetics Dictionary Volume 2 pp 319-20
As Imaginary Concept Fuller's Earth pp 29-31
Bringing Infinity Indoors Index/Blackboard
Complex Index/Inside
Equals: Eternally Regenerative See: Index/Infinite (above)

Frequency: Definition   

Synergetics Dictionary Volume 2

p 321


Index/Nothingness of Universe

Fuller's Theorem The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller fig 235
Letting Infinity into the System


Index/Cartography: Conventional Projections
Number of Vertices in Sphere A Fuller Explanation pp 16-17, 79
Straight Line A Fuller Explanation pp 6, 84
Systems: Definition Synergetics Dictionary Volume 2 p 318 Index/General Systems Theory Index/Open Systems
Universe Index/Hope
Vs Finity Index/Angular Sinus Takeout Index/Calculus Index/Cartography: Conventional Projections
Index/Hope Index/Comprehensive Universe Index/Inflection Index/Convergence & Divergence
Index/Two Index/Metaphysical & Physical Index/Wholes vs Parts Index/Minimum Limit vs Infinite Series
Index/Intellect Index/Unlimited vs Limited Index/Macro-Micro Index/Circumferential Finite vs Radial Infinite

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