Exhibits: 1990-2008

Jan 12-Feb 28 Franklin Furnace Archive Contemporary Illustrated books 1967-88 city? ?? USA
Mar 26-Apr 15 Multi-Media Traveling Exhibit Comprehensive Design: RBF's Legacy Pasadena CA "
Mar 30-Dec 15 Southern Illinois University Museum Ideas & Integrities of R B Fuller Carbondale IL "
April 5-June 3 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Contemporary Illustrated books 1967-88 city? ? "
Feb 8-Apr 7 University of Iowa Museum of Art Contemporary Illustrated books 1967-88 Iowa City IA USA
Feb 24-Apr 30 Museum of Modern Art Art of the 40s (inc Wichita House) New York NY "
July _ - Aug 18 Bass Museum Harmonizing Nature, Tech, Humanity Miami Beach FL "
Oct 1/1-2-92 Mass Institute of Technology Museum

Bucky Fuller's Synergetics

Cambridge MA "
Aug 30/11-01 Wichita Art Museum Dymaxion Dwelling Machine Wichita KS USA
month? Museum of Contemporary Art RolyWholyOver: A Circus (inc RBF) Los Angeles CA USA
11-11/12-31-95 National Building Museum WWII & American Dream; DDU, Wichita House Washington DC USA
Jul 13-17 Buckminster Fuller Centenary Fly's Eye Dome, Dymaxion Car San Diego CA USA
Nov/Apr 96 Location? Centennial Exhibit New York NY "
Nov 8/Dec 2 Max Protetch Gallery Buckminster Fuller " " "
Nov 9-10 St John the Divine Cathedral Buckminster Fuller Centennial " " "
Dec 2 venue? R Buckminster Fuller Exhibit Charlotte NC "
Jan 13-Feb 17 Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Gallery Withdrawing (inc RBF drawing) New York NY USA
May/now University of California Library Levi-Strauss Dymaxion Globe Santa Barbara CA "
June 3-Sept 30 Dolmabachce Palace Buckminster Fuller Centennial Istanbul -- Turkey
date?/now Library of Congress geog/map reading room Levi-Strauss Dymaxion Globe Washington DC USA
Nov 8/Dec 98 Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci Fly's Eye Dome (25'diam) city? Italy
Mar/now National Building Museum Breaking Through: Creative Engineering Washington DC USA
Jul 8/Aug 28 Paul Kasmin Gallery Maps New York NY "
Aug-08/9-30-01 LongHouse Reserve Fly's Eye Dome (33'diam) E  Hampton " "
Apr 30-Sept 6 Smithsonian Nat'l Portrait Gallery Hans Namuth Portraits (inc RBF) Washington DC USA
May 1-Jan 2000 National Building Museum Proposed Manhattan Dome " " "
June 18/09-30 Museum of Design Your Private Sky R B Fuller Zurich -- Switzerland
Oct ?-Oct 2001 Henry Ford Museum "Rediscovering the Dymaxion House" Dearborn MI USA
10-14/01-10-00 Zeppelin Museum Your Private Sky R B Fuller friedrichshafen -- Germany

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