Exhibits: 1950-1979

date? venue? event? city? ?? ?
Jan 19-20 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Utility Trailer, Dome Cambridge MA USA
Oct 1 Museum of Modern Art Geodesic Dome New York NY USA
Nov 30 Walker Art Center Buckminster Fuller Artifacts Minneapolis MN USA
Date? USA Embassy? State Dept Exhibits Vienna Austria
Aug 28-Nov 15 Milan Triennale Design Exhibition Paperboard Domes Milan Italy
May 28 - _ Architecture & Industrial Design Flying Seedpod Foldable Dome Halsingborg - Sweden
July Military Base Geodesic Domes Quantico VA USA
date? Richmond Virginia Museum RBF Exhibit Richmond VA "
Dec Washington University, School of Architecture Comprehensive Pics Exhibit St. Louis MO "
Mar Homestyle Center Comprehensive Pics Exhibit Grand Rapids MI USA
date? Saint Olaf College Slides (domes, etc) Northfield MN "
Aug Trade Fair " Kabul - Afghanistan
Jan Trade Fair Slides (domes, etc) city? - Thailand
Mar " " Tokyo - Japan
Apr Harvard University Yard Playdome of Matrix, Inc Cambridge MA USA
May 6 Trade Fair Slides (domes, etc) city? - Morocco
July Milan Triennale Design Exhibition Tent Dome Milan - Italy
Sept 14-29 America Builds Exhibit BF Part: New World of Form Berlin - Germany
Oct 20 Trade Fair Slides (domes, etc) Tunis - Tunisia
date? Trade Fair Slides (domes, etc) Poznan - Poland
Aug __ 13th Annual Home Show Geodesic Plydome House Los Angeles CA USA
Jan 18-22 Washington State University Fuller Exhibit Pullman WA USA
June ? American Federation of Arts "Form Givers at Mid-Century" inc BF New York NY "
July 25-Sept 25 US Information Agency American Expo Film (domes, etc) Moscow - Russia
Sept 22/9-22-60 Museum of Modern Art Garden Dome/Octet Truss/Tensegrity New York NY USA
date? United States Information Agency Fuller Exhibit Bonn - Germany
date? " " Saarbrucken - "
Sept Museum of Modern Art Dome over Manhattan Proposal New York NY USA
July United States of America Embassy RBF Artifacts London - England
month? California Museum of Science & Industry "Mathematica" inc RBF Los Angeles CA USA
Jan 30/Feb 28 United States of America Embassy One-Man Show London England
Feb 20 United States Information Agency Fuller Exhibit Vienna Austria
June 30-Sept 13 Museum of Modern Art "20th Century Engineering" inc RBF New York NY USA
Dec 21/Jan 17 Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University Engineering/Architecture of R B Fuller Waltham MA "
July 1-10 Tuileries Gardens Geodesic Dome Paris France
date? Southern Illinois University World Trends Carbondale IL USA
Apr 28-Oct 27 EXPO'67 Geodesic Dome Montreal PQ Canada
date? Kumasi University of Science & Technology Aluminum Dome Accra - Ghana
June 23-30 Spoleto Festival Geodesic Dome Spoleto - Italy
July _ - _ Bloomsbury Square Exhibit world design science decade, phase 2 London - England
Dec 15-Jan 10 '68 Horticultural Hall Jasper Johns painting of Dymax Map Boston MA USA
Nov 25/2-9-69 Museum of Modern Art The Machine (inc Dymaxion Car #2) New York NY USA
Mar 25-May 18 University of St Thomas The Machine (inc Dymaxion Car #2) Houston TX USA
June 23-Aug 24 San Francisco Museum of Art " San Francisco CA "
date? venue? event? city? ?? ?
date? venue? event? city? ?? ?
Jan _ - Feb _ Order in Space (Keith Critchlow) inc geometry relevant to Synergetics London England
?? - ?? Lobby of a Bank Building The Design Science of RBF Minneapolis MN USA
May/April 76 Museum of Science & Industry Three Periods of R B Fuller Chicago IL "
Jan 06-20 Ontario Science Center Three Periods of R Buckminster Fuller Don Mills? ON Canada
Mar 1/Apr 12 Franklin Institute " Philadelphia PA USA
May 1/Jun 12 Minneapolis School of Art " Minneapolis MN "
July 1/Aug 12 Saidye Bronfman Center " Montreal PQ Canada
Oct 11/Nov 24 California Museum of Science & Industry " Los Angeles CA USA
date? Des Moines Center of Science & Industry Three Periods of R B Fuller Des Moines IA USA
date? East St Louis Senior High School " East St Louis IL "
date? Museum of Science & Industry " Chicago " "
Jan 12/Feb 14 Fendrick Gallery RBF Designs Washington DC USA
May/June 01 U N Conference on Human Settlements "Now House" Dome Vancouver BC Canada
date? location? "Chicago Architects" inc BF Chicago IL USA
June 09/now Centennial Park Century 2 Fountain Geodesic Sphere on Pedestal Greeley CO "
July 4 Third Century America Exhibits in 15 Domes Cape Kennedy FL "
date?/now Indiana University Art Museum Plywood Canopy Dome Bloomington IN "
date?/now Nat'l Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian) Bronze sculpture of BF's head Washington DC "
date?/now Indianapolis Museum of Art One Cell Jitterbug sculpture Indianapolis IN "
Oct 5/2-6-77 Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design Synergetic Geometry New York NY "
Jan 27-Mar 6 Museum of Modern Art RBF Artifacts New York NY USA
Jan 29-Feb 28 Ron Feldman Fine Arts Tetrascroll Book " " "
Mar 10-Apr 10 Philadelphia Museum of Art " Philadelphia PA "
Mar 11-Apr11 Carl Solway Gallery Jitterbug Sculpture Cincinnati OH "
Apr 15-May 15 " " New York NY "
May 20-06/20 Protetch McIntosh " Washington DC "
Dec 1-Jan 14/78 Ron Feldman Fine Arts 50 Yrs of RBF 1927-77 New York NY "
March De Anza Junior College Library

The Works of Buckminster Fuller

Cupertino CA USA
Mar 20-Apr 20 Penang Museum Synergetics Geometry of RBF Penang - Malaysia
Apr 13-May 13 Rosa Esman Gallery "Architecture; Service, Craft, Art" New York NY USA
date after 5-15 National Portrait Gallery Time Magazine Covers (inc RBF) Washington DC "
Oct 7-Nov 26 New Jersey State Museum "Architecture; Service, Craft, Art" Trenton NJ "
month? Dumont & Kenyon Associates Jitterbug Sculpture Sarasota FL "
month? Craft & Folk Art Museum "Close Packing & Cracking" (geom) city? ?? "
month? Frederick S Wight Art Gallery (UCLA) ULAE Tetrascroll plates by RBF Los Angeles CA "
Jan 13-Feb 25 Muhlenberg College Arts Center "Architecture; Service, Craft, Art" Allentown PA USA
Apr 21-May 20 Museum of Modern Art Three Houses (inc RBF) New York NY "
Oct 09 3rd National Bank & Trust Co Map/Tensegrity Dayton OH "
month? Traveling Exhibit Creativity Exhibit city? ?? "
month? Drawing Center Architectural Drawings New York NY "

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