DOMES: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Coburn Classical Institute The Artifacts of R Buckminster Fuller, vol 4, pp 147-61; Never Built Waterville ME USA
Copley High School "Moonbase America" Educational Experiment; 9 Domes Copley OH "
Dome East Instant Classrooms; Popular Science,  p ?; Dome Manufacturers ? ? "
Dome-Building Classes Natural Spaces Domes; See Index/Dome/Manufacturers/N/ N. Branch MN "
Ethel McKnight School 1st domed school in New Jersey; 10-70; 3rd-5th grades; to be demolished in 2005 E Windsor NJ "
Georgia University ? ? ? "
Pacific High School


Los Gatos CA "
Preschool Old Almaden Way & Foxworthy Ave San Jose " "
Rhodes College ? Memphis TN "
Sano-Yayoi High School Dome Roof on Gym city? - Japan
University of Hawaii Stan Sheriff Center athletics facilities Honolulu HI USA
University of Minnesota

Index/Dome/Woods Hole restaurant

? ? "
Watsu School Harbin Hot Springs Middletown CA "

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