DOMES: Museums

Cite des Sciences et Industrie Geode (above); City of Science & Industry Paris -- France
Dali Museum Buckminster Fuller Institute News Figueres -- Spain
Dinosaur State Park Geodesic Dome Rocky Hill CT USA
Forest Capital State Museum No pic of dome Perry FL "
Michigan Space & Science Center On Campus of Jackson Community College Jackson MS "
Pioneer Air Museum Alaskaland Fairbanks AK "
San Bernardo County Exhibit Dome Redlands CA "
Science World (Expo'86); See Index/Domes/Science Centers Vancouver BC Canada
ScienceLand About 200' average diam Ellipsoid Dome; Temcor Shanghai -- China
Shanghai Dome Roof; Business Week, 10-4-99, pp 140 & 142 " -- "

Near Schiphol Airport; Will be Deconstructed date?

Amsterdam -- Holland

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