Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Virus (AIDS)

Icosa Domes, Inc 1979 Steven Elias/Richard Stone; corrugated fiberboard (out of business?) San Rafael CA USA
Icosa Village 2002 "The Pod" shelter system domes; Sanford Ponder Redmond WA "
Ideal Dome Corp 1996 GTE Superpages San Francisco CA "
IDESA 2001 Aviaries; Kettner & Associates, Inc Mequon WI "
Igla-Desic Structures 1999 Dome Home Design, Engineering, Manuf & Assembly Summerland BC Canada
Ikepod 2009 22'diam wooden dodecahedra; Marc Newson city? ?? USA
Impex, Inc 2008 Space Dome climbers for children; metal; 7.6'diam City of Industry CA "
Intergalactic Tool Co 1973 Portable Tent Domes; Dome Builder's Handbook #1, p 96 San Francisco " "
International Fiberglass 2001 "IFG"; Molded Fiberglass Panels Durham NC "
InterShelter, Inc 2009 14'& 20' fiberglass shelters; Licensed from Craig Chamberlain Juneau AK "
Island Dome 2001 Solar & Wind Powered; metal tube frame, plastic skin city? ?? ?

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