Various Configurations of Carbon

C & R Enterprises 2001 Consultants Coos Bay OR USA
Cadco of New York State (succeeded Pease) 1973 Plywood; The Dome Builder's Handbook (#1) Plattsburgh NY "
Cal Earth 2001 NOT GEODESIC Hesperia CA "
Calico Co 1973 Metal Framework & Suspended Tent Bombay -- India
California Domes 1996 DOME mag 4-93; Ralph Stevens Middletown CA USA
Canadian Fine Products 2003 Residential domes Vancouver BC Canada
Canadian Space Services    (CSS) 2002 Radomes Carp ?? "
Canadome 1973 Tents; The Dome Builder's Handbook (#1) Montreal PQ "
Canterbury Domes 1994 Popular Mechanics, 4-94, p 148 kings mountain NC USA
Cargo Transfer Systems 2005 Aluminum Geodesic Domes Rotterdam -- Netherlands
Cascade Domes      (OUT OF BUSINESS) 1996

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Eugene OR USA
Cascade Machine Tool 1998 Aluminum Tube Domes with Fabric Covers Florence " "
Cathedralite Domes (Out of Business; BF director) 1988 Dome Builder's Handbook #2, pp 94-5; Aptos, CA Medford OR "
Cathedralite of Florida 1982 Tate Miller, James A Patterson III (out of business) Deland FL "
CBI Engineering A/S 2004 Large Aluminum Tank Covers Faergeparken -- Denmark
Charter Industries, Inc 2002 US Trade fair tent domes; Synergetics, Inc, affiliate Raleigh NC USA
ClearSpan 2006 Temporary & permanent commercial domes S Windsor CT "
Click Dome Builders 2000 NOT GEODESIC      (Monolithic contractor) Brackettville TX "
Columbian TecTank 2004 Aluminum Geodesic Dome Tank Roofs Kansas City KS "
Composite Geodesic Domes 2002 Polymer-based Residential domes Bernardston MA "
Conscious Construction Co Dome Sweet Dome 1999 NOT GEODESIC     (Monolithic contractor) Crestone CO "
Conservatek Industries, Inc 2006 Aluminum dome roofs; see Thomas Register Conroe TX "
Constructions Lab

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Corrugated Domes 19?? Name Changed to Icosa Domes, Inc city? CA "
Cover-All Shelter Systems 1999 Plastic Membrane & Steel Tubing Saskatoon SK Canada
Cowley Structural Timberwork, Ltd 2002 Wooden geodesic domes Lincoln -- England
Creative Home Co 1979 (Popular Science, April, p 87) Crete IL USA
Creative Structures, Inc 1978 Biblio/About/Dome Builder's Handbook #2, p 95-6 Alto NM "
Crystal Domes International 2001 Uses alternate energy & recycling Woodstock GA "
CSC " Temporary Inflatable Plastic, steel tube domes St Peter MN "
Custom Domes ? "Builders of Dome Homes--Shell Kits" Rogers AR "

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