DOMES: Advantages (See sources below)

"Spherical structures enclose the greatest volume with least surface."
"Geodesic spherical structures, which are inherently omnitriangularly framed entirely of great-circle chords,

give the strongest structure per weight of materials employed."

"Amongst the geodesic great-circle spherical structures, those based on the discontinuous compression, continuous

tension--'tensegrity'--icosahedra give the most environmental enclosure per pound & volume of material employed."

"Every time the linear dimension of a symmetrical structure is doubled (i.e. 1 > 2)

the surface area of the enclosure increases at a two to the second-power rate (i.e. 2 squared),

while the environment-controlling structure's volume increases at a two to the third-power rate (i.e. 2 cubed). 

Wherefore, every time a geodesic dome's diameter is doubled,

it has eight times as many contained molecules of atmosphere

but only four times as much enclosing shell--ergo,

each progressive doubling of dome diameters halves the amount of enclosing surface

through which each molecule of interior atmosphere may either gain or lose energy as heat. 

Whole cities are most efficiently enclosed under one large dome."

"Every time we enclose a geodesic dome within a greater-diametered geodesic dome

whose radially concentric interspacing is greater than the depth of the frost penetration of that area,

 while at the same time avoiding use of any metal interconnections between the inner & outer domes' structuring,

the heat losses & gains of the innermost domes are halved

in respect to those of non-domed-over domes of the same dimensions."

"If in producing the geodesic domes-within-domes we make them transparent or translucent on their sunny side

and opaque and inwardly reflecting on the non-sunny side,

they will entrap progressively greater amounts of Sun energy as heat

for longer & greater periods of time as the diameters are increased."

"If growing vegetation--i.e., trees, vegetables, corn, sugar, ground cover, etc.--is planted within the dome,

the photosynthetic conversion of Sun radiation into hydrocarbon molecules will chemically & simultaneously:"

1 "Convert the monoxide gases given off by human occupants into human-supporting (air) atmosphere,

thus eliminating all necessity for windows or air conditioning apparatus, and"

2 "Harvest hydrocarbon molecule-trapped energy as food or as fuel-alcohol energy."
"If the wind drag of buildings is employed to turbine-convert windpower into tank-stored compressed air,

the latter may be stored within the space between the inner & outer domes' skins as low-pressure atmosphere

in quantities adequate to pneumatically & evenly distribute any concentrated outer cover loadings

throughout all the tensional components of the geodesic-tensegrity structures."

"As the Sun's radiation is outwardly & diffusingly reflected by the dome structure's convex outer surface,

vertical thermal-column movements of the Sun-heated outside atmosphere develop,

which spirally rising columns of heated atmosphere

will draw air out from under the dome's large lower-edge summertime openings,

which voluminous outward drafting in turn

pulls air into the dome through the small cross-sectioned ventilators at the dome's apex. 

This pressure differential between the small air entry & the large exhaust openings

 produces the Bernoulli chilling effect,

which in hot weather will swiftly cool the dome's interior atmosphere.

World Game has proven this in geodesic domes at the African equator."

"It is clearly demonstrable that the conversion of windpower by dome-within-dome, drag-operated air turbines

will power the compressing & tank storage of air

& will thus produce ample power to operate a pneumatic-tool system

for all mechanical operating needs within the dome.

Pneumatic tools avoid the human-electrocution perils of electrically operated domestic technology."

"Sum-totally it is now (1981) demonstrable that properly designed domes within domes

become energy-harvesting machines that provide more energy

than is needed for the high-standard life support of their human occupants,

wherefore such dwelling machines may become exporters of energy

in variously stored & controlled forms, such as alcohol.

"It has been satisfactorily demonstrated that the reflective, concave inner surface of the geodesic, dome-within-dome,

environment-controlling shells will act as parabolic, Sun-radiation concentrators,

focusing the Sun radiation income into heating of a circularly arced, liquid-containing pipe, whereby

the Sun's heat may be stored liquidly in vacuum-enclosed subterranean tanks for subsequent use in a variety of ways.

The by-product heat from the air compressing is used to heat water stored in the same reservoir."

"World Game's design science treats the tensegrity-structured, dome-within-dome geodesic environment controls

as comprehensive energy-harvesting, -storing, and -exchanging devices. 

Typically, the vegetation most efficiently employed includes the growth of corn & the 'winged bean' in the sunlight area

& mushrooms in the hot, dark areas."

"Radiotelephones (cell phones) & income-energy generators render the dwelling machine semiautonomous."
"Two sanitary devices as described earlier render the environment controls

independent of water-supply lines & sewage-carry-away systems:"

1     "The fog gun for cleaning the human skin & all other surfaces

with a high-pressure air gun into whose airstream small amounts of atomized water are fed;"

2 "The carton packaging & mechanized, convey-away system of human wastes

to be delivered to elsewhere-located fertilizer or gas-generating works

or to anaerobic methane gas & dry fertilizer-generating equipment of the dwelling machine themselves."

These two devices eliminate all wet plumbing,

which has been responsible for breeding most of all the infectious bacteria heretofore entering human abodes,

while also eliminating the infectious splashback feature of water-filled bowls & their water-flushed toilets."

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