Do: Doing: Doer

Are Futile Synergetics Dictionary Volume 1 p 523 Index/Population Explosion
Be a Doer I Seem to Be a Verb p 7-A


Comprehensive Design Strategy (WDSD Phase II, Document 5) pp 84-85


Graduate (Dec 1967 Univ of Toronto magazine) p 70


The American Scholar (Spring 1966 magazine)

p 217


Utopia or Oblivion pp 153-54 (1969 edition)
Index/More-With-Less Index/Economics/Productivity Index/Ephemeralization
Own Thinking Critical Path pp 123, 125, 151, 231, 266 Index/Self-Disciplines

Things for the: Right Reasons   

Critical Path

pp 246-47, 252

Wrong Reasons     

" p 246
Index/Learning Through Trial & Error Index/Evolution: Class-2 Evolution Index/Legally Piggily
Index/Bee: Honey-Seeking Bee Index/Precession Index/Evolution: Class-1 Evolution Index/Inadvertence
General BuckyWorks p 226

I Am Trying to

I Seem to Be a Verb

p 11-A

Needs to be Done: Definitions

Synergetics Dictionary, Volume 1

pp 523-4

Index/Technology & Culture Index/Fuller, R B: Crisis of '27 Index/Change Index/New York City
Index/Resource & Principle Index/Making the World Work Index/Capability
Index/Electronic Referendum Index/Rearrange the Scenery Index/Coping Index/Everybody's Business
Index/Competition: Elimination of Index/Man as a Function of Universe Index/Earning a Living
Index/City Management Concept of World Government Index/Invention Index/Self-Debiasing
Index/Individual Economic Initiative Index/Pollution Index/Improve the Scenario
Index/Nature: What Nature Needs to be Done Index/Success Index/Television
Index/World Design Science Decade Index/Design Index/Design Revolution

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