General: Synergetics 1 216.03, 934.02-03, 1053.17 Index/Awareness
" Synergetics 2 100.013-5, 260.42, 321.03, 1005.613-4, 1052.54-7, 1052.59
" " 1052.67, 1052.70, 1053.821, 1076.13 Index/Capability


Synergetics Dictionary, Vol 1 p 177 Index/Complementarity of Growth & Aging
And Growth Synergetics 1 1052.54 Index/Energy, Earth, & Everyone (Book)
-Death Interplay Index/Womb Entries Index/Limits to Growth Index/Abortion Index/Feedback: Self-Accelerating Feedback
Emergence into External Oxidation Index/Life Expectancy Index/Four Index/Human Beings Index/Earth Birth
Moving in all Directions in the Womb Index/Life's Original Event Index/Rebirth Index/Genius: Children are Born Geniuses
Non-Self-Requested Experience of Life Index/Electric Energy Network Grid Index/Conception-Birth Index/Humanity
Rates: Grunch of Giants ix Index/Ego Index/Helpless: Humans Born Helpless

And Energy Production

Critical Path 206, fig 207 Index/Surprise: Utter Surprise to Be Born


Earth, Inc 168 Index/Umbilical Cord Index/Life & Death
When You are Born You go into Orbit Index/Malthus, Thomas Index/Cosmic Accounting Index/Regenerative Birth
Index/Desovereignization Sequence Index/Omnidirectional Index/News and Evolution Index/Voluntary & Involuntary
Index/Population Distribution Index/Stillbirth of Humanity Index/Charting Alternating Experiences of Man & Nature
Index/Womb of Permitted Ignorance Index/Womb Population Index/Cosmic Discontinuity & Local Continuity

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