Barry White Sings Buckminster Fuller LP

UIA or IUA Union Internationale des Architectes (International Union of Architects) Paris France
UNDERSTANDING The Process by which the Mind Discovers Relationships
UNITY Unity is plural and at minimum two (2)
UNIVERSE Total of Humanity's Consciously Apprehended/Communicated Experience
UP Erroneous Term; See: Glossary/OUT
USABLE AREA Area in a dome loft with six foot headroom or more
USAF United States Air Force Washington DC USA
USC University of Southern California Los Angeles CA "
USIA United States Information Agency Washington DC "
USIS United States Information Service " " "
USMC United States Marine Corps " " "
USN United States Navy " " "
UTCC Union Tank Car Company Chicago IL "
UTLA Union Tank Car Company Project Baton Rouge LA "

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