TANGENT Proximate or Touching in One Point
TBI Trial Balance Inventory
TECHNOLOGY Externalized Metabolic Function Tools Used to Provide Life Support
TELEOLOGY Conversion of Special-Case Experience into Generalized Principles
TENDON A Tension Element of a Tensegrity Structure
TENSION Using Outwardly Stretching Forces to Impart Structural Stability
TENSEGRITY Structure Using Distributed Tension to Hold Islands of Compression
TETRAHEDRON Minimum Structure of Universe: 4 Windows, 6 Edges, 4 Corners
TETRAHEDRONING Nature's Way of Increasing Volumes Geometrically
TETRAHELIX 20 Tetrahedra Glued Together so the Edges Form a Helix
TON-KILOMETER Work Required to Move 1 Ton 1 Kilometer
TRIANGLE Polygon Having 3 Angles Formed by the Intersection of 3 Lines
TRIANGLING Multiplying a Unit of Measure by Itself
TRIGONOMETRY Study of the Relationships of Lines & Angles in the Triangle
TRUSS Structural Member or Complete Structure formed by Triangulated Framework
TUNE-IN-ABILITY Possibility of Isolating or Focusing on Specific Phenomena
TUNING Process of Establishing the Desired Frequency of a System

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