Saturday Review magazine, April 1, 1967

SCIENCE The Use of Mind to Discover Generalized Laws
SEARCH To Make a Through Examination, Explore, Question
SEEABILITY Quality of Being Visible to the Human Sensory Apparatus
Semi-Regular Solid Same as Archimedean Solid
SHEAR Force Acting along a Plane that Passes Through a Structural Member
SHEAR PANEL A Panel Placed along the Shear Plane to Counteract that Force
SHORT WALLS The short wall sections of the sides of a dome
SIDES Erroneous Concept for the Windows or Faces of a System
SIMILAR Having the Same Shape, but not Necessarily the Same Size
SIZE Dimension, Extent; Relates to Actual Constructs or Special Cases
SIU-C Southern Illinois University Carbondale IL USA
SIU-E Southern Illinois University Edwardsville " "
SKEW POLYGON A Polygon whose Edges do not Lie in the Same Plane
SKEW SOLID A Solid Defined by Skew Polygons
SKYLITE Window positioned in any of the dome panels except a dormer
SLAB A foundation or main floor formed by directly pouring a concrete pad over a properly prepared piece of ground
SNUB SOLID A Solid Exploded & the Original Polygons Surrounded by Triangles
SOMETHING An Entity (System) Having Existence in the Real World
SPACEFRAME The complete independent structural unit formed by the exterior perimeter framing of a typical dome triangle
SPACESHIP EARTH Coined by R Buckminster Fuller to Convey a Sense of a Finite, Whole System Planet
SPECIAL CASE A Specific Manifestation of a Generalized Concept
SPHERE Structure Where All Surface Points are Equidistant from Center
SPHERIC Rhombic Dodecahedron
Spherical Triangle Curved Area Bounded by 3 Connected Great-Circle Arcs
Spherical Trigonometry Study of Triangles Formed on the Surfaces of Spheres
SQUARE Imaginary Construct Consisting of 4 Equal Sides & 4 Right Angles
SQUARING Redefined as Triangling
SSA Structural Study Associates
STEADY STATE Input/Output are Balanced at a Point Below Max Limits of System
STELLATION To Form a Pyramid on each Face of a Polyhedron
Structural System Triangulated System
STRUCTURE A Complex of Events that Interact to Form a Stable Pattern
STRUT A Compression Element of a Tensegrity Structure
SUNCLIPSE Accurate Term for the Last Sighting of the Sun in the Evening
SUNRISE Erroneous Term Based on False Perception of Sun/Earth Relationship
SUNSET Erroneous Term Based on False Perception of Sun/Earth Relationship
SUNSIGHT Accurate Term for the First Sighting of the Sun in the Morning
Supplementary Angles Angles that Add up to 180 Degrees
SURFACE Element of System Having no Independent Existence Outside the System
SYMMETRY Correspondence of Congruent Components about a Plane or Axis
Synergetic Advantage A principle of problem-solving: Advantage accrues by starting with the whole; then moving to the parts
SYNERGETICS Fuller's Name for Nature's Coordinate System (Geometry)
SYNERGY Behavior of Whole Systems Not Predictable from Behavior of Parts
SYSTEM Triangle-Based Structure Dividing Universe into Inside & Outside

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