Reflections: R Buckminster Fuller Video

RAFDC Rome Air Force Development Center Rome NY USA
RBF Richard Buckminster Fuller
REALITY Phenomena of Universe which are 99.9% Invisible to Unaided Senses
Reduced Snow Load The rate of reduction allowed by code in the allowable "minimum roof live loads" due to slope of the dome
REFLEX Conditioned Reaction to an Event without Thinking
Regular Polyhedron Composed Exclusively of 1 Type of Polygonal Face
REGULAR SOLID A Solid Defined by Regular Polygons in a Regular Manner
RESEARCH Scientific Investigation or Inquiry
Rhombic Dodecahedron Polyhedron with 12 Rhombi for Faces (Inside-Out Cube)
RHOMBUS A Geometrical Shape of 4 Equal Edges & 2 Pairs of Angles
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects London England
Right Isosceles Triangle Includes 2 Equal Edges with a Right-Angle in Between
RIGID Adjective that Describes Stable or Non-Collapsible Structure
RISER WALLS A section of wall used to raise the dome shell to provide vertical wall space

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