Plastic Hot Tub Dome

PANELIZED DOME Dome kits that consist of individually pre-fabricated triangular space frames


See: Glossary/Frequency; Glossary/Icosahedron; Glossary/Space Frame
PARALLEL Outmoded Idea that 2 Lines can Extend to Infinity Without Touching
PASSENGER-Kilometer Work Required to Move One 150-Pound Person 1 Kilometer
PATTERN INTEGRITY Reliable Arrangement of Energy Events in Regenerative System
PENT-HEX DOME Domes based on the icosahedron that form alternating pentagon & hexagon patterns
PERIMETER WALL In foundations, a continuous foundation wall usually made out of concrete or wood
PERPENDICULAR Erroneous Idea that Major Relationships are at 90 Degree Angle
PHOTOSYNTHESIS Use of Solar Energy by Plants to Turn Chemicals into Nutrients
PLANE Erroneous Idea of Imaginary Flat Area Reaching Out to Infinity
PLANNING Developing a Scheme of Action for Future Implementation
PLATONIC SOLID See: Glossary/Regular Solid
POINT Erroneous Idea of an Event Having no Dimensionality yet Having Location
POINTED EXTENSION An extended area formed on the main floor by extending the short walls into the long wall area
POLE Point at which Axis of Rotation of a Sphere Meets its Surface
POLYGON A Closed Figure on a Plane Defined by Straight Lines
POLYHEDRON A 3-Dimensional Figure Defined by a Closed Set of Polygons
POST & BEAM In foundations, a system of supporting a main floor with beams & posts bearing on concrete pads
PRECESSION Systems in Motion with Respect to Each Other Involving 90 Degrees
PUSH-PULL Any Side Opposite any Angle in a Triangle

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