Structural Order in Space by Ture Wester

OBTUSE ANGLE Angle Greater than 90 Degrees
OCTAHEDRON Triangulated System of 8 Equal Areas, 6 Vertices & 12 Edges
OCTET TRUSS A Structure Composed Entirely of Octahedrons & Tetrahedrons
OITF Office of International Trade Fairs (Dept of Commerce) Washington DC USA
OMNI-ACCOMMODATIVE Able to Accommodate All Spatial Directions; Omnidirectional
OMNI-INTERACCOMMODATIVE Relationship Between Noncontradictory Principles
OMNISYMMETRICAL Symmetry in All Spatial Directions
OMR Old Man River Project East St Louis IL "
OPEN SYSTEM Where Both Energy & Matter are Exchanged with Surroundings
OPENINGS See: Long Walls
ORGANIZING COMPLEXITY Building More Complex Systems from Less Complex Systems
OUT Motion Diverging from a Common Center; Replaces UP

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