MACROCOSM That Part of the Universe Outside a Given System
MBG Missouri Botanical Gardens St Louis MO USA
MERCATOR MAP Obsolete, Distortion-Filled Map of the Earth
MERIDIAN A Great Circle Passing Through Both the Earth's Poles
METHODOLOGY Systematic Procedures for Carrying Out Specific Tasks
METRIC TON OF COAL EQUIVALENT Energy Produced by 1 Ton of Coal: 28.8 Mil BTUs
MICROCOSM That Part of the Universe Contained Within a Given System
MIND Ability of Humans to Discover Relationships Between Special-Case Data
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA "
MITE Minimum Tetrahedron; Composed of 2 A-Modules and 1 B-Module
MOMA Museum of Modern Art New York NY "
MOMENT A Twisting Motion about an Axis
MPM Magnesium Products of Milwaukee Inc Milwaukee WI "

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