LATITUDE Point Angle Measured along Meridian N/S from Center of Equator Plane
LAW Verified Statement Describing Relationship Between Given & Outcome
LBSC Long Beach State College Long Beach CA USA
LESSER CIRCLE Circle on Surface of Sphere that Doesn't Pass Thru its Center
LEVEL OF AGGREGATION Specified Area or Level where Measurements are Comparable
LINE Wave Form Produced by Interaction of All Motions Operating on an Event
LIVE LOAD The load superimposed by the use & occupancy of a building
LIVINGRY Technology Applied for Purposes of Helping Humanity Succeed
LOAD, POINT An External Force Applied to One Point on a Structural Member
LOAD, UNIFORM An External Force Distributed over a Surface
LOCI Corners (Crossings, Vertexes) of a System
LOFT HEADROOM The head height dotted line indicated on plans to illustrate usable area in lofts
LONG WALLS The long wall sections of the sides of a dome
LONGITUDE A Geographical Term for a Great Circle Meridian

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