Golden Rectangle Spiral Derived from the Icosahedron

ICOSADODECAHEDRON A Polyhedron of 20 Equilateral Triangles & 12 Pentagons
ICOSAHEDRON Geometric Structure with 20 Equilateral Triangular Faces
ID Institute of Design Chicago IL USA
IIT Illinois Institute of Technology " " "
IMAGINARY NUMBERS Products of Erroneous Cubic-Based Geometry
IN Convergent Motion Toward a Common Center
INFINITY Erroneous Assumption that Universe is Boundless
INHERENT Complementarity of Universe See: Glossary/Complementarity
INSCRIBED SPHERE The Sphere that is Tangent to the Mid-Edge of a Solid
INTEGRITY Adherence to a code of values; utter sincerity, honesty, candor; completeness
INTERIOR ANGLE Angle Between 2 Edges Measured Through the Inside
INTERTRANSFORMABILITY Transformations of Systems from One to Another
INTUITION Insight, Sensitivity to Environment & Self
ISOSCELES Triangles with 2 sides equal
ISOTROPIC VECTOR MATRIX (IVM) Space-Filling Array of Unit-Length Vectors

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