Icosa Fruit: Apple Slice Seed Fiveness

FACE An Area or Window of a System
FEA Federal Economic Administration Washington DC USA
FEEDBACK Return of a Portion of the Output of any Process to the Input
FINITE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM Physical Reality Consisting of Indivisible Particles
FOOT-POUND Work Required to Lift 1 Pound 1 Foot
FOUNDATION SYSTEMS Glossary/All Weather Wood Glossary/Grade Beam



Glossary/Perimeter Wall Glossary/Post & Beam
FOUR The Minimum Number for Special Case Reality
FREQUENCY Number of Times an Event Occurs in a Unit of Time or Space
Frequency of Modular Subdivision Number of Subdivisions per Edge
FRF Fuller Research Foundation
FSG Fuller Study Group, Yale University (about 1954)
FULCRUM Base (Pivot Point) of a Lever

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