CAL Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory Buffalo NY USA
CALORIE Energy Needed to Heat 1 Gram of Water 1 Degree Centigrade
CANOPY The plywood "filler" between the dome shell & the vertical "Longwall"
CARRYING CAPACITY Maximum Population that a Given Ecosystem can Support
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation city? ?? Canada
CCA Container Corporation of America city? ?? USA
CENTER See: Glossary/Nucleus
CHANGE Movement from 1 Form, State or Phase to Another; Transform
CHORD FACTOR Math Ratio between the Radius & Edge Length of a Solid
CIRCUMSCRIBED SPHERE The Sphere that Passes through the Vertices of a Solid
CLOSED SYSTEM Where Energy but not Matter Exchanged Between it & Earth
COMPOUND A Combination of Regular Solids with a Common Center
COMPLEMENTARITY Necessary Coexistence, Inseparable Pairs; Unity is Plural
COMPREHENSION To Grasp Mentally all Connections of a Problem or Event
COMPREHENSIVISM Dedication to Perceiving Relationships Between all Areas
COMPRESSION Building Using Earthward Pressure
CONCAVE Curved toward the Observer, as Seen from the Inside
CONCEPTION Forming Mental Concepts, Plans & Thoughts
CONCEPTS Ideas Independent of Size
CONVERGENCE Coming Together Toward a Common Center
CONVEX Curved away from the Observer, as seen from the Outside
CORNERS The Vertices of a System
COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS Comparing Present Value of Expected Benefits with Costs
COUPLER Semisymmetrical Octahedron = 16 A-Modules + 8 B-Modules
COVENANTS An agreement made between the seller & the purchaser of a piece of property or a home
CR Chronofile
CUBE An Unstable Structure of 8 Corners & 6 Areas
CUBING Inaccurate Term for Increasing System Volume by Doubling Edge Lengths

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