Buckminsterfullerene Constructs

B-module (B-quanta module) Result of Subtracting A-Module from 1/48 of Regular Octahedron
BEHAVIOR Aggregate Set of Responses of a System & its Environment
BELIEF Claim to Reality Personally Untested & Potentially Unfounded
Betweenness The Property of Relationship Shared by Two Points
BEW Bureau of Economic Warfare Washington DC USA
BFI Buckminster Fuller Institute Brooklyn NY "
BHG Better Homes and Gardens (mag) Des Moines IA "
BIOSPHERE Sum Total of All the Ecosystems on the Planet
BMC Black Mountain College Asheville NC "
BRAIN Organ that Coordinates/Differentiates Info from Physical Senses
BTU British Thermal Unit; Energy Needed to Heat 1 lb Water 1 Degree F
BUAER Bureau of Aeronautics (USA Navy) city? ?? "
BUCKLING Lateral Deflection; to Bend or Warp under an External Load
Buckminsterfullerene Kroto/Smalley found carbon's 3rd form '85; named after BF; spherical, cage-like geodesic molecules; part of larger "fullerene" family

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