AA Architectural Association London England
A-MODULE (A-Quanta Module) Asymmetrical Tetrahedron Which Encompasses 1/24 of a Regular Tetrahedron
ACUTE ANGLE Angle Less than 90 Degrees
ADVANTAGE Power of a Lever
AGGREGATE Clustered Group of Solids, not Necessarily Assembled in Regular Way
AIA American Institute of Architects Washington DC USA
ALCOA Aluminum Company of America Pittsburg PA "
ALL WEATHER WOOD Pressure, chemically treated lumber & plywood suitable for use as foundation walls
ALLSPACE FILLING A System that, when Repeated, Fills All Space
ANGLE Shape Resulting from the Intersection of 2 Lines or Surfaces
ANGULAR TOPOLOGY Description of Structure by Variation of Only Angle/Frequency
APASE Association for the Promotion & Advancement of Science Education
APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY Solutions Especially Applicable to Needs of Communities
ARC A Segment of a Curve
AREA The Face or Window of a System
ASM American Society of Metals Cleveland OH USA
AXIS Imaginary Line at Center of Rotating Object around which it Rotates

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