A self-balancing, 28-jointed adaptor-based biped; an electro-chemical reduction plant, integral with segregated stowages of special energy extracts in storage batteries, for subsequent actuation of thousands of hydraulic & pneumatic pumps, with motors attached; 62,000 miles of capillaries.................................... Nine Chains to the Moon 18-19


I Seem to Be a Verb 66-B
All of humanity is in peril of extinction if each one of us does not dare, now & henceforth, always to tell only the truth, & all the truth, & to do so promptly--right now. Critical Path ?
All of humanity now has the option to "make it" successfully & sustainably, by virtue of our having minds, discovering principles & being able to employ these principles to do more with less. ? ?
Almost all of America's top performance scientists had been educated in small, liberal arts colleges, & that almost all of those top scientists attributed their success to their good fortune in having studied intimately with a great inspiring teacher. ? ?
As a consequence of the slavish "categoryitis" the scientifically illogical, & as we shall see, often meaningless questions "Where do you live?" "What are you?" "What religion?" "What race?" "What nationality?" are all thought of today as logical questions.  By the 21st century it either will have become evident to humanity that these questions are absurd & anti-evolutionary or men will no longer be living on Earth. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth 19
At 11:45 on New Year's Eve, 1899, my father opened a window of our New England house to let in the 20th Century. Critical Path 57

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