Books by Cetica and Emili

R B Fuller: Uno Spazio per la Tecnologia Cetica 79 CEDAM Padova - Italy
R Buckminster Fuller   Table of Contents   (German & Italian also) McHale 62 George Braziller New York NY USA

R Buckminster Fuller                              (Collection)


?? u mich rare bk rm Ann Arbor MI "
R Buckminster Fuller                        (Misc articles in vertical file) " ? U of New Mexico albuquerque NM "
R Buckminster Fuller, 1895-1983 Grimaldi 90 Officina Rome - Italy
r buckminster fuller: a select bib ref in hill/des libs n carolina st u Close, G 77 council plannin libs Monticello IL USA
R Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical Monologue/...

Biblio/Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical Monolog

R Buckminster fuller and b l whorf: approach to language   (thesis) Hudson 76 Southwest State U San Marcos TX USA
R Buckminster Fuller and Total Design Methodology    (thesis?) Beyer, J 76 Kent State Univ Kent OH "
R Buckminster Fuller: Bedienungsanleitung fur raumschiff erde, a schriften Krausse ?? Ausstellungsmacher Berlin - germany
R Buckminster Fuller Now and Tomorrow    Table of Contents staff 01 Architone Hamburg - "
R Buckminster Fuller on Education wagschal 79 U of Mass Press Amherst MA USA
R Buckminster Fuller Papers

See: Fuller, R Buckminster, Papers

R Buckminster Fuller Sketchbook Table of Contents  ('81 exhibit) staff 81 U City Science Center philadelphia PA "
R Buckminster Fuller Special Project " 54 u mich col arch/desig Ann Arbor MI "
R Buckminster Fuller: The History (& Mystery) of the Universe " 00 Foghouse San Diego CA "

R Buckminster Fuller. Ubersetzt von W O Droescher

Mc Hale 62 O Maier Ravensburg - germany
R Buckminster Fuller, Your Private Sky: The Art of Design Sci Biblio/Your Private Sky R B Fuller: The Art of Design Science
R Buckminster Fuller, Your Private Sky: Discourse See: Biblio/Your Private Sky R B Fuller: Discourse
R Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Dwelling Machine  (MA thesis) Overland 98 State U of NY Oneonta NY USA
Radical Agriculture merrill, ed 76 Harper & Row New York " "
Ray & Charles Eames: Il Collettivo Della Fantasia      (inc RBF) Rubino 81 publisher? city? - Italy
Redesigning the Future Ackoff 74 Wiley-Interscience New York NY USA
Refried Domes staff 89 Shelter Publications Bolinas CA "
Regular Complex Polytopes Coxeter 74 Cambridge U Press Cambridge - England
Regular Figures Toth, L 64 Pergamon city? ?? ?
Regular Polytopes                                 Table of Contents Coxeter 63 Macmillan Publish New York NY USA
Reinvent the Wheel: Make Classic Inventions, Discover...   (Domes Kassinger 01 John Wiley & Sons " " "

Remember Expo (A pictorial Record)


68 canadian illustrated lib city? ?? Canada

Renewable Energy: Sources for Fuels & Electricity


92 Island Press city? ?? ?
Report: Science results of voyage of hms challenger group  (nature geom) Haeckel 66 Johnson reprint corp New York NY USA
Reprints of Selected Articles by [& about] R B Fuller porter, ed 69 Bern Porter Books Rockland ME "
Re-Reading Perspecta: The 1st 50 Years of the Yale Architectural Journal Stern 04 Mass Inst of Tech Cambridge MA "
Resources in Technology 1985 McCrory 85 Int'l Tech Ed Assn Reston VA "
Return of Gonzo Gizmos                       (Domes pp 110-23) Field 06 Chicago Review Press Chicago IL "
Reyner Banham:History of Immediate Future(5,154-62,166,169-71,174,176,185,188,190,


Whiteley 02 MIT Press Cambridge MA "
Richard Buckminster Fuller: A Bibliography Vance 80 Vance Bibliographies Monticello IL "
Richard Buckminster Fuller: A Semiotic Analysis of dymaxion vehicle (thesis Dalvesco 96 Arizona State U Tempe AZ "
Richard Buckminster Fuller, Architect: 20 yrs of journal reviews Casper 88 Vance Bibliographies Monticello IL "
Richard Buckminster Fuller e le Neoavanguardie              (above) Emili, A 03 Kappa Editions Rome -- Italy
Richard Buckminster Fuller Exhibit: Order, Photo Code #s, dates staff 56 St Olaf College Northfield MN USA
Richard Buckminster Fuller: Housing Philosophies/Housing Works Low 90 U New So Wales Sydney - australia
Richard Buckminster Fuller: Irb, Fraunhofer-informationszentrum raum und bau staff 00 Fraunhofer-IRB-Vlg Stuttgart - germany
Richard Buckminster Fuller: Journal Articles Published, '70-86 Vance 87 Vance Bibliographies Monticello IL USA
Richard Buckminster Fuller und das Dymaxion Ehnes 02 GRIN city? -- germany
Richard Hamilton Polaroid Portraits, Volume 2       (includes RBF) Hamilton 77 Hansjorg Mayer Stuttgart -- "
Richard Neutra's Windshield House          (Had 2 dymaxion bathrooms) Neumann 01 Yale Univ Press New Haven CT USA
Right Where You are Sitting Now          (R B Fuller pp 105-16) Wilson 95 Ronin Publishing city? ?? "
Robert Duchesnay: The Dymaxion Dwelling Machine  (pics exhibit) Eastham 92 Wichita Art Museum Wichita KS "
Rolywholyover a Circus         (Cage Exhibit catalog; inc R B Fuller) Ferguson 93 museum contemp art Los Angeles CA "
Rombauer Family Papers                 (includes R B Fuller letter) Rombauer 92 Library of Congress Washington DC "
Romgeometri og Tettpakkingssystemer        (geodesic dome) Bording 72 arkitekthogskolen i oslo Oslo - Norway
Rosen, Charles, Papers, 1896-1971 Rosen 72 smithsonian institut Washington DC USA
Round Pegs in square holes: 2 cases of countercultural arch Schlesinger 91 Williams College williamstown MA "

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