Books about or Relevant to Fuller's Work: Ma-Md Me-Mz

M C Escher's Legacy (Space-Time with M C Escher & BF by Acevedo, pp 113-24) staff 2003 Springer Berlin Germany
Machinat, Essai sur Kieslr, Hist de Arch Modern aux Etats Unis et Duchamp (BF) Dessauce 1996 Sens & Tonka Paris France
Macmillan Profiles: Scientists & Inventors staff 1999 Macmillan New York NY USA
Maghreb: Peuples et Civilisations (Dymaxion Projection on cover) staff 1995 La Decouverte Paris France
Make It Metric (Includes domes) Camilli 1982 Royal Fireworks Unionville NY USA
Makers of 20th-Century Modern Architecture (pp ii, iv, 12, 81, 101, 107-10, 235, 259) Johnson 1997 Routledge city? ?? ???
Making Children's Furniture & Play Structures (Hex-Pent/Dowel domes) Palmer 1974 Workman Pub city? ?? USA
Making Places, Changing Spaces in Schools, at Home/Within Ourselves staff 1971 Farallones Design Bolinas CA USA
Man and His Music (John Denver; Bucky pic) Denver 1984 publisher? city? ?? USA
Man and His World (Expo'67) Hogg 1968 University of Toronto Press Toronto ON Canada
Man the Designer (Includes R Buckminster Fuller) Evans 1973 Macmillan Co New York NY USA
Mankind at Turning Point: 2nd Report of Club of Rome Mesarovic 1974 E P Dutton

New York

Manual to Sys Various Math/Computer Routines Involved in Designing Domes (thesis) lewontin '80 u cal-berkeley berkeley  CA USA
Mapping Hacks ("Plot Dymaxion maps in Perl"; pp 148-51) Erle etc 2005 O'Reilly Press city? ?? USA?
Marks, Robert W, Papers 1890-1979 (Includes R B Fuller) Marks 1980 college of charleston Charleston SC USA
Masterpieces of Chicago Architecture (Dymaxion Transport) Zukowsky 2004 Art Institute Chicago IL USA
Mathematical Models (2nd edition) Cundy 1961 Oxford University Press London England
Mathematical Recreations Coxeter 1975 Dover Publications

New York

Mathematical Recreations & Essays Ball 1959 Macmillan London England
Mathematical Snapshots Steinhaus 1960 Oxford University Press London England
Mathematical Systemization of Space (Thesis) Buchanan 1986 Architectural Association London England
Mathematics for the Millions Hogben 1943 Norton New York NY USA
Matrix (Synergetic Geometry) Gronberg 1996 self-published Rapid City SD USA
Matter, Herbert, Papers, ca 1937-84 (Correspondence with BF, filmed '69 World Game, etc) Matter 2004 self-published city? ?? USA
Mauri, Stephanie Woods, Papers (Includes RBF drawings) Mauri 1958 Library of Congress Washington DC USA
Mazes: Essays (Mentions R Buckminster Fuller) Kenner 1995 University of Georgia Press Athens GA USA

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