Books about or Relevant to Fuller's Work: M

M C Escher's Legacy (Space-Time with M C Escher & BF by Acevedo, 113-24) staff 03 Springer Berlin -- Germany
Machinat, essai sur kieslr, hist de arch modern aux etats unis et duchamp (BF Dessauce 96 Sens & Tonka Paris  -- France
Macmillan Profiles: Scientists & Inventors staff 99 Macmillan New York NY USA
Make It Metric                                                                        (inc domes) Camilli 82 royal fireworks Unionville " "
Makers of 20th-Century Modern Architecture  (ii, iv, 12, 81, 101, 107-10, 235, 259) Johnson 97 Routledge city? ?? ?
Makers of Contemporary Architecture        (Chap on BF by McHale; 5 vol) GB eds 62 george braziller New York NY USA
Making Children's Furniture & Play Structures     (hex-pent/dowel domes) Palmer 74 Workman Pub city? ?? "
Making Places, Changing Spaces in Schools, at Home/Within ourselves staff 71 Farallones Design Bolinas CA "
Man and His Music                                                 (John Denver; Bucky pic) Denver 84 publisher? city? ?? "
Man and His World                                                               (Expo'67) Hogg, H 68 U toronto press Toronto ON Canada
Man the Designer                                                                 (inc R B Fuller) Evans 73 Macmillan Co New York NY USA
Man Transforms                                (RBF Synergetics exhibit 10-76/ 2-77) Staff 76 Cooper-Hewett " " "
Mankind at Turning Point: 2nd Report of Club of Rome Mesarovic 74 E P Dutton


" "
Manual to sys various math/comput routines involved in design of domes (thesis Lewontin 80 U Cal-Berkeley Berkeley  CA "
Marks, Robert W, Papers 1890-1979                                 (inc R B Fuller) Marks 80 college of charleston Charleston SC "
Masterpieces of Chicago Architecture                   (Dymaxion Car) Zukowsky 04 Art Institute Chicago IL "
Mathematical Models                                                           (2nd edition) Cundy etc 61 Oxford U Press London  -- England
Mathematical Recreations coxeter etc 75 Dover Publicats

New York

Mathematical Recreations & Essays Ball, W 59 Macmillan London -- England
Mathematical Snapshots Steinhaus 60 Oxford U Press " -- "
Mathematics for the Millions Hogben 43 Norton New York NY USA
Matrix                                                                             (Synergetic Geometry) Gronberg 96 self-published Rapid City SD "
Mauri, Stephanie Woods, Papers      (include RBF drawings) Mauri 58 Lib of congress Washington DC "
Mazes: Essays                                                                     (mentions R B Fuller) Kenner 95 U of Georgia Pr Athens GA "
Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives      TOC Naisbitt 84 Warner Books New York NY "
Megatrends 2000: Ten New Directions for the 1990's naisbitt etc 90 Avon Books " " "
Megatrends Asia: Eight Asian Megatrends that are Reshaping our world Naisbitt 96 Simon & Schuster " " "
Memories of Drop City                            (Trinidad, CO; geodesic domes) Curl, J 03 creative arts book co city? ?? "
Messing Around with Drinking Straw Construction         (geom, domes) Zubrowski 81 little brown co Boston MA "
Metamanhattan            (Exhibit included Fuller's Proposed Manhattan Dome) staff 84 Whitney Museum New York NY "
Metapatterns. Across Space, Time & Mind                  (Mentions Fuller) Volk, T 95 Columbia U Press " " "
Miami's Fabulous Seaquarium            (Kaiser Skybreak Dome; 34 pages) staff 55 miami seaquarium Miami FL "
Microbiology                                                                    (nature's geometry) wistreich 84 Macmillan, Inc New York NY "
Mid-Century Modern Architecture               (R B Fuller pp 74-7) McCallum 59 Shenval Press London? -- UK
Mind's Eye of Bucky Fuller    (patent lawyer)    See: The Mind's Eye...... robertson 74 St Martin's Press New York NY USA
Mineralogy                                                                     (nature's geometry) sinkankas 64 publisher? city?  ?? "
Minerals and Man                                                         (nature's geometry) Hurlbut 68 Random House New York NY "
Miscellaneous Pamphlets on Richard Buckminster Fuller staff ?? Princeton U Library Princeton NJ "
Mit Zaghafter Konsequenz: Aufsatz/Vortrag Zum Tragwerksentwurf, 61-87 Polonyi 87 F Vieweg braunschweig -- germany
Modeling & Control of a Three-Stick Tensegrity Structure Roman 99 U Calif-SD San Diego CA USA
Models in Structural Inorganic Chemistry Wells, A 70 Oxford U Press London -- England
Modern Architectural Theory (pp 293, 296-8, 321, 333, 349, 365-6, 369, 374, 381, 392) Mallgrave 05 Cambridge U Press New York NY USA
Modern Architecture: A Critical History            (inc R B Fuller pp 238-47) Frampton 92 Thames/Hudson " " "
Modern Architecture in Color                                   (includes R B Fuller) Hofmann 69 publisher? " " "
Modern Buildings: Great Buildings of the World  (domes, dymaxion house) Winter 69 Paul Hamlyn London -- England
Modern Furniture in Canada 1920-70       (furniture in Jeff Lindsay's dome) Writht 97 publisher? city? ?? ?
Modern Movements in Architecture Jencks 73 Doubleday New York NY USA
Modern Polyartistry                                 (Proposed book includes R B Fuller) Kostelanetz ?? self-published " " "
Modernism: Modernist Design, 1880-1940: The Norwest Collection (inc BF) Duncan 98 publisher? city? ?? ?
Modernism Reborn: Mid-Century American Houses   (R B Fuller pp 57-61) Webb, M 01 Universe Books New York NY USA
Modernism Rediscovered               (Hollywood Hills Dome pp 332-7, 544-5) Serraino 00 Taschen city? ?? ?
Module, Proportion, Symmetry & Rhythm                 (See Loeb's article) Kepes 66 Braziller New York NY USA
More with Less: The Future World of Bucky Fuller  Table of Contents Aaseng 86 Lerner Pub Minneapolis MN "
Morley, Christopher D, Papers: 1890-1957 Morley 58 Bryn Mawr Coll Bryn Mawr PA "
Morley, Christopher D, Family Papers: 1900-64              (RBF letters) " 65 Lib of Congress Washington DC "
Motels, Hotels, Restaurants & Bars staff 60 F W Dodge Corp Heightstown NJ "
Mother & Baby Care in Pictures           (Kiddie Koop crib designed by RBF) Zabriskie 46 J B Lippincott Co Philadelphia PA "
Motion Picture Exhibitor Annual Theatre Catalog Edition '63 (Cinerama dome staff 63 J Emanuel Pub " " "
Mug Shots: Who's Who in the New Earth Acton 72 World Publish New York NY "
Multi-Dimensional Issues in Internat'l Electric Power Grid Interconnections staff 05 United Nations " " "

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