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Der anfang der beschidenhit:kritisch aufsatz zur arch des 20 Pehnt, W 83 Prestel Munich -- germany
Design als kunst einer wissenschaft, Buckminster Fuller

See: Your Private Sky Buckminster Fuller

Design & Construction Guidance for Community Shelters   (domes) FEMA staff 00 fed emer Mgmt Agency Washington DC USA
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Dialogues with the Delians

See: Biblio/By BF/Contributions

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Dome Builder's Handbook (#1)

See: The Dome Builder's Handbook

Dome Builder's Handbook No.2              Table of Contents Yarnall, Will 78 Running Press Philadelphia PA "
Dome Cookbook                       (Non-geodesic) Baer, Steve 68 Lama Foundation Corrales NM "
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Dome Houses, Energy Conservation: Intro Bibliography bib research lib 83 vance bibliograph Monticello IL "
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Dome School 2006                    (above middle) " 06 " " " "
Dome School Book 2007 " 07 " " " "
Dome Scrapbook

See: The Dome Scrapbook

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Domebook One                                           Table of Contents Kahn, Lloyd 70 Pacific Domes Los Gatos CA "
Domebook 2                                                Table of Contents




" " "
" " 74 shelter publication Bolinas " "
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Domes and Uses                                          (Not Geodesic) " ?? Monolithic Domes Italy TX "
Domes Come True (I)                             Table of Contents

Johnson, D


Natural Spaces

North Branch

MN "
Domes Come True 2              (above right) " ?? " " " "
Domes for Tomorrow, Volume I  (Plans, sketches; not geodesic) Crandall, F ?? Monolithic Domes Italy TX "
Domes for Tomorrow, Volume II (Plans, sketches; not geodesic) " ?? " " " "
Domes: Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient; New Designs, Plans, Ideas Hopster, G 78 Hexadome of Am La Mesa CA "
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Drawings of Great Buildings                    (p 161; Expo '67) blasner/stucky 83 birkhauser verlag


MA "
Dream Cars               (discusses Dymaxion Vehicle) Gunning 90 publisher? city? ?? ?
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Dual Models             (geodesic domes) Wenninger, M 83 Cambridge U Pres New York NY "
Dymaxion Lab

See: The Dymaxion Lab

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