Alaska Pacific University Doctor of Humane Letters 12-07-79 Anchorage AK USA
Anchorage, City of Outstanding Lecturer/Author ??-??-72 " " "
Alice Lloyd College Leadership Award ??-??-67 Pippa Passes KY "
Alpha Rho Chi Master Architect (Life Long) 12-??-70 Austin TX "
American Academy of Achievement The Golden Plate Award ??-??-77 city? ?? "
American Association of Humanists Humanist of the Year ??-??-69 Pittsburg PA "
American Institute of Architects: Allied Professions Gold Medal ??-??-63 Miami FL "

Boston Chapter

Gold Medal ??-??-70 Boston MA "

New York Chapter

Award of Merit (RBF's 1st Award) ??-??-52 New York NY "

Philadelphia Chap

Gold Medal ??-??-60 Philadelphia PA "

Western NY Chap

Citation ??-??-68 Buffalo NY "

Unknown Chapter

First Architectural Design Award ??-??-68 city? ?? "
American Institute of Steel Construction Award for Excellence ??-??-68 city? ?? "
Asbestos-Danville-Shipton High School Alumnus Honoris Causa ??-??-67 Danville PQ Canada
Austin College of Texas The Founders Medal ??-??-72 Sherman TX USA
Advertising Women of New York 8th Lively Arts Award for Architecture ??-??-70 New York NY "
Bates College Doctor of Science 07-04-69 Lewiston ME USA
Beaver College Doctor of Literature 05-27-73 Glenside PA "
Beech Aircraft Corporation Distinguished Service Award Medal ??-??-75 Wichita KS "
Boston, City of R Buckminster Fuller Day 02-11-77 Boston MA "
Boston College Doctor of Fine Arts 06-02-69 " " "
Boston Society of Architects Centennial Award ??-??-67 " " "
Brandeis University Creative Achievement Award of Year ??-??-65 Waltham " "
" Doctor of Humane Letters 06-06-70 " " "
California College of Arts and Crafts Doctor of Fine Arts 06-11-66 Oakland CA USA
California Museum of Science & Industry Commendation ??-??-74 Los Angeles " "
California State Colleges (San Jose State) Doctor of Humane Letters 06-10-66 San Jose " "
California State Polytechnic College Gold Medal ??-??-70 San Luis Obispo " "
Cambridge, City of R Buckminster Fuller Day 12-02-77 Cambridge MA "
City of (Name)

See: (Name of City)

Clarke College The 5th Thanksgiving Award ??-??-67 Dubuque IA "
Clarkson College of Technology Doctor of Engineering 06-04-67 Potsdam NY "
Clemson College Doctor of Letters 05-30-64 Clemson SC "
Colorado, University of Doctor of Science 08-22-64 Boulder CO "
" R B Fuller Recognition Day ??-??-63 " " "
Columbia College Doctor of Humane Letters 06-12-70 Chicago IL "
Connecticut Patent Law Association Eli Whitney Award 05-13-77 city? CT "
Dartmouth College Dr of Humane Letters 06-16-68 Hanover NH USA
Dean Institute of Technology (College) Diploma of Achievement ??-??-69 Franklin MA "
Delta Phi Delta National Fine Arts Honor Society Gold Key Laureate ??-??-64 city? ? "
Detroit, University of President's Cabinet Award ??-??-68 Detroit MI "
" President's Award ??-??-71 " " "
Drexel University,              Nesbit College Citation ??-??-74 Philadelphia PA "

Federation of Engineer/Science Society

Engineering & Science Award 02-22-77 " " "
Emerson College Doctor of Laws 06-04-72 Boston MA USA
Franklin Institute Frank P Brown Medal ??-??-60 Philadelphia PA USA
Georgian Court College Doctor of Humanities 05-17-80 Lakewood NJ USA
Golden Slipper Club The Bicentennial Award ??-??-76 Philadelphia PA "
Grinnell College Doctor of Laws 05-24-72 Grinnell IA "
Hahnemann Medical College/Hospital of Pennsylvania Doctor of Science 09-26-78 Philadelphia PA USA
Harvard Business School Club of New York Appreciation Medal ??-??-74 New York NY "
Palos Verdes Independence Day Celebration Heritage of Freedom Medal 07-04-83 Palos Verdes CA "
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Doctor of Humane Letters 06-01-75 Geneva NY "
Hot Springs, City of Honorary Citizen ??-??-67 Hot Springs AR "
Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate Assn First Annual Henry Townley Heald Award ??-??-77 Chicago IL USA
Industrial Designers Society of America First Award of Excellence ??-??-66 San Francisco CA "
International House Marshal Visitor ??-??-75 New York NY "
International Meditation Society Citizen of New Age of Enlightenment Award ??-??-76 Vancouver BC Canada
International New Thought Alliance Humanitarian Award 07-07-76 New York NY USA
Lincoln Academy of Illinois Order of Lincoln Medal ??-??-67 city? IL USA
Long Beach, City of R B Fuller Recognition Day 04-21-83 Long Beach CA "
Long Island University Doctor of Humane Letters 06-07-66 Brooklyn NY "

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